resting your hand on the new mouse?

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लंदन. कैनन कंपनी ने लेजर तकनीक से चलने वाला एक ऐसा माउस बनाया है, जिसमें कैल्कुलेटर की तरह नंबर पैड बना है। अकाउंट्स का काम करने वालों को इससे हिसाब करने में आसानी होगी। हिसाब ब्लूटूथ के जरिए कंप्यूटर में ट्रांसफर किया जा सकेगा।  यह बाजार में 40 पाउंड (2930 रु.) में उपलब्ध है।
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The new Canon mouse features laser tracking, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, three separate buttons, and a scroll-wheel. Worried about accidentally pressing numbers while resting your hand on the new mouse? Canon thought of that too, implementing a user-locking system to avoid such complications. It also features a built-in high-resolution, ten-digit display.

Users can use the mouse as a standalone calculator or paired with their computer as a number pad for entering numbers into spreadsheets and other documents.

The Canon X MARK I MOUSE is compatible with both PC and Mac. It will be released sometime in November of this year in the United Kingdom. Currently, there is no available information on US pricing and release date.

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